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XAAR Case Study

XAAR Case Study

Faced with every growing demand for its products Xaar needed to half the test time of their industrial Print Head products.
This offered serious challenges for the chosen supplier in terms of fixturing and data analysis.


When approached to offer a solution Terotest partnered with one of its major international partners, Circuit Check who specialise in special to type fixturing, to develop the most cost effective solution.

The main test system was based around a NI PXI platform and major work was done to design the fastest possible analysis of the huge amounts of waveform data generated by the test systems.

Special care needed to be taken to supply fixture material that could be used in a clean room environment and in addition this would be in use 24/7.


A total of three ATE systems were supplied and the final solution of each system more than doubled the output of previous test systems. Remote monitoring enabled their XAAR's ATE uptime to be maximised.

Click here to view a video of the Test Fixture in use