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Ultra Electronics Case Study

Ultra Electronics Case Study

When faced with the increasingly common problem of obsolete FPGAs, a leading UK Aerospace company turned to EnSilica to redesign a full set of 5 devices. These devices are at the heart of their Aircraft Engine Management System, and needed to be redesigned using modern FPGAs.

In order to avoid very expensive and time consuming process of re-evaluation flight testing, Terotest were commissioned to a produce a system that would verify the new designs against the old.


Terotest's solution tested both systems against a set of Test Vectors produced via design simulation. These vectors required real-time testing at clock speeds of up to 32MHz, with over 14 million test patterns.

Terotest designed the test system around the Marvin Test GX7600 PXIe 8 slot chassis and the GX5292 Dynamically Controlled High Speed Digital I/O PXI card, and controlled the vectors using DIOEasy software.
The DIOEasy package enabled the vectors to be imported directly from the simulator output, and made for quick and easy pass/fail result checking.