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Mackwell Case Study

Mackwell Case Study

When a UK emergency lighting components manufacturer started the search for their new common test platform, they were faced with the problem of hundreds of product types and an expensive failed attempt to automate the process in the past.
The testing required a 1,500V high voltage flash test followed by a set of functional routines based around mains voltages and battery simulation. A high level of flexibility had to be incorporated in order to cover the hundreds of variants in both voltages and loads.


Terotest produced the most competitive solution, iTest LT, based around their iTest platform and designed a special low cost cassette fixturing method that would enable the company to produce the fixtures in-house.

This was coupled with a simple menu driven user interface and a full set of test functions that could simply be selected by the test engineer to design a new test for additional products.


Test times went from ~30 seconds down to 5 seconds and the need for a trained operator was removed. Terotest worked closely with the company for the first six months to make sure that the first system met all expectations, and subsequently delivered a further 3 systems.

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