Acculogic's XMatic software is a fully integrated solution that allows users to quickly go from design to test and inspection. With its fast, user-guided, nail/probe selection routine and complementary interactive tools, XMatic offers complete flexibility and control during fixture design and flying probe selection. XMATIC automatically generates output files for most commercial In-Circuit, Flying Probe, Boundary Scan/JTAG testers and AOI machines.


  • Support for most commercial CAD formats
  • Support for all popular ICT, MDA, Flying Probe and X-Ray Systems
  • Net, graphics and component information is automatically extracted from the CAD
  • Support for both Gerber-D and Gerber-X
  • Automated fixture generation software utilizing a library of preset and configurable settings
  • Automated design for testability (DFT) reports
  • Unified GUI-based project environment with ability to handle multiple CAD projects
  • Library tools for modifying the attributes of individual devices
  • Automatic comparison of the electrical device library and the project data base highlights the differences and user controlled update of the system or project library


CAD rebuilding

Normally the user must be able to start the production with whatever information format exists. Sometimes it is in Gerber, some is on paper or in pdf format, and some must be added. The FlexMatic CAD rebuilder comprises all the user-friendly interface tools required to execute this demanding task. It is our concept that the more data you have, the easier the rebuilding will be.

Do it once only

Xmatic requires no entry duplication and provides full guidance. The database complementary with a library file responds to the demand. The user makes the modification for one board and the saved information can be used for the next board automatically.


3D probing with TestMatic

XMatic software handles all types of test, including the probe placement for the traditional bed of nails fixtures. A feature of XMatic is the 3D concept to place a probe and to check the height of the component, the legs and the probing point.

Graphic editor

This feature is particularly helpful to modify existing graphics. The Drawing tool palette allows the creation of the basic shape. Also it is possible to save the combined or single layer in an external graphic format.

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