High Voltage Dual Channel Digitizer PXI Card


The GX2475 is a high performance, dual differential channel, 14-bit digitizer offering high dynamic range. The module’s differential inputs, coupled with 14 bits of resolution makes it an ideal instrument for acquiring and analyzing high voltage signals. Each channel offers 3 selectable low pass filters, a 14 bit, 70 MS/s ADC, and 512 K of memory. A 50 MHz or 70 MHz clock with a divider provides a common acquisition clock source for both channels.


The GX2475 provides two differential inputs providing the ability to make low level measurements in the presence of common mode or noisy signals. The inputs can also be configured for single-ended operation. Each channel supports AC or DC coupling. Each channel can also add an offset to the input signal, providing the ability to maximize the A to D's dynamic range.

Both channels offer three, 3-pole, low pass, butterworth filters offering the ability to band limit signal noise and minimize aliasing effects. The filters and also be bypassed to take advantage of the input amplifier's full bandwidth.

Clocking of the digitizer is provided by an external input or an internal 10 MHz, 50 MHz or 70 MHz clock which can be divided by 1 to 256. Each channel can be independently triggered to start a measurement from an external or internal source.

Programming and Software

The GX2475 is supplied with a virtual instrument panel, which includes a 32-bit DLL driver library and documentation. The virtual panel can be used to interactively adjust and control the instrument from a window that displays the current instrument's current settings and measurements.