3U Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHz Processor cPCI Express Controller


The GX7944 is a single-slot embedded cPCI Express 3U controller for use with Marvin Test Solution’s GX7600 PXI Express chassis. When combined with the embedded storage peripherals of the GX7600 Series chassis, it is the ideal solution for a compact, high performance, and integrated PXI Express chassis / controller configuration.


The GX7944 controller supports multiple peripherals and I/O interfaces through either the controller’s front panel or the rear I/O panel of the GX7600 Series. Connection to the DVD-RW drive and hard drive is via the controller’s internal I/O interface. The controller’s front panel I/O is provided with a factory default configuration and is fully functional in any PXI Express or cPCI Express chassis.

The GX7944 embedded system controller adheres to the PXI Express and cPCI Express specifications and is PICMG EXP.0 R1.0 compliant.

Operating System

The GX7944 series controller ships standard with Windows 7 Pro operating system. Please note that Windows XP Pro operating system is also available for this series, and should be specified when ordering.