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ATEasy is a test executive and a rapid application development framework for functional test, ATE, data acquisition, process control, and instrumentation systems. ATEasy provides all the necessary tools to develop, deploy and maintain software components - including instrument drivers, test programs, user interfaces, as well as a complete and customizable test executive. It is designed to support and simplify ATE system applications with long product life cycles. With ATEasy, test applications are faster to generate and easier to maintain.

ATEasy's open architecture provides easy to use access to many industry standard hardware and software interfaces including GPIB, VXI, PCI/PXI, USB, LXI/TCP-IP, Serial Communication, DLLs, ActiveX, .NET assemblies, HTML, VXI Plug&Play Function Panel drivers, IVI drivers, LabView VIs, C Header files and more.

Why Use ATEasy? - ATEasy provides the test engineer with a multitude of benefits, including:

ATEasy provides a streamlined, easy-to-follow framework that directs the user to create re-usable components modelled after real-world test systems. Components include a System, Drivers, Programs, Tests, Commands and more.
The ATEasy framework provides users with the ability to create re-usable software components such as instrument drivers, system components and test programs. These components can be reused from system to system reducing the overall cost of creating and maintaining an application.
ATEasy provides a royalty free Test Executive. User group customization and assignments of privileges is easily done with little or no programming. All the tools to execute, create data logs, and debug your tests are included. Additional modules are included that provide test sequencing and fault analysis.
ATEasy provides a familiar graphical user interface that allows Microsoft Visual Basic™ or Visual C++™ users to feel right at home. First time users can use the Application Wizard to generate applications quickly. The ATEasy application framework and modular structure offer placeholders for your code reducing the learning curve.
ATEasy Program
ATEasy offers reduced program development cycles for coding, executing and debugging of your code. During debugging, ATEasy's Just-In-Time compiler compiles only the necessary code as required, supporting fast development cycles. ATEasy allows you to write several lines of code, highlight them and then click on the DoIt! button - allowing the execution of only the highlighted code without running the complete application.
Applications can be created via menu commands or by typing. Commands can be combined with ATEasy language statements such as if, repeat, etc. When typing, ATEasy's code completion tools provide suggestions for completing the unfinished statements, and an integrated code verification utility, CheckIt! provides immediate code verification for syntax errors. Application wizards help you create a framework for your test application and ATEasy's modular structure allows engineers to partition, organize, locate and re-use the test code. A built-in code browser offers immediate access to symbols such as functions or variable definitions. The ATEasy internal library includes many classes and functions providing support for your software components such as drivers, tests, forms and controls, and for basic operations such as math, string manipulation, communication, etc.
ATEasy provides free development on multiple platforms following development on a licenced system. This means only one active copy of ATEasy is required to develop solutions that can be deployed over as many systems as required to meet production volumes.
ATEasy provides full support for the Windows multi threading model, which allows users to execute multiple code segments simultaneously. Synchronizing objects such as semaphores and events allows users to synchronize thread execution to protect your application resources from re-entrance. ATEasy's robust multi threading model lets users use any user-interface objects and ActiveX controls from any thread without any special programming, unlike other conventional programming environments.
Thanks to ATEasy's exclusive Instrument Interchangeability Technology (I2T), test engineers can easily define plain language driver commands for instruments types such as a DMM, ARB, etc. The commands can be implemented differently for different instruments of the same type. Commands can be linked to DLLs, ATEasy procedures, etc. For test programs, these commands are independent of the implementation, and interface type (GPIB, VXI, etc). Consequently, when instruments need to be replaced, a new instrument driver may be used while the test programs remain unchanged.
The ATEasy debugger provides the features found in conventional software development tools such as; Step In, Step Out, Step Over, Breakpoints, Run to Cursor, Set the Next Statement to run, and more. You can create and watch variables and expression values, execute code in a debug window, view a call stack , and view a running thread. In addition, ATEasy includes test level debugging tools allowing you to select and run tests, loop on tests, skip tests, pause on a failed test, and repeat a test.
ATEasy supports many hardware and software standards including: GPIB, Serial communication, VXI, USB, PCI/ISA, LXI (TCP/IP), DLL, COM/ActiveX controls, .NET assemblies, LabView VI/LLB files, VXI Plug&Play Function Panel drivers, IVI drivers, the importing of C header files, Microsoft SourceSafe and more. By supporting a wide range of standards, you can extend and enhance ATEasy's built-in functionality with spreadsheets, databases, word processors, web browsers and more..

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