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Obsolete ATE System

Solving ATE Obsolesence

No one likes saying goodbye to a faithful old friend but now that the economy is on the up, has the time finally come to replace your ageing Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) or Special to Type test system?

One of the unforeseen consequences of the recent recession has been the number of now obsolete or hard to service ATE systems still in use today. Often companies are reluctant to invest in new equipment whose only job is to replicate the functions of an existing tester or commit to service contract obligations that can last for many years.

In these cases the investment in programs and test fixtures often outweighs the cost of the tester many times over and companies feel they have no alternative but to continue to keep the tester going via expensive service contracts or even by searching the internet for spare parts.

Now there is an alternative to this approach!

Terotest offers a range of standard 'Legacy Replacement' systems designed from the outset to replace many of the older automatic test systems.

Terotest iTest

Using international partners, each focused on specific types of ATE, Terotest is able to supply replacement systems that are both Test Program and Fixture compatible with your existing obsolete systems, whilst still offering all the advantages of a modern tester.

These new ATE systems all operate on modern Windows 7 based PCs and cover applications as diverse as Cable Testing and In-Circuit/Manufacturing Defects Analyser (MDA) as well as full Functional Digital Testing.

Terotest iTest

We have successfully transferred ATE from the following manufacturers:

In addition, Terotest has successfully produced ATE systems to replicate and replace obsolete Special to Type test systems, using modern standard systems which, in most cases, significantly speed up test throughput.

If you would like an overview of how one of these systems has been developed please download our free 'Solving Functional Test Obsolescence' White Paper or contact Terotest to discuss your requirements.

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